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We currently cover parts of 🇳🇱, 🇧🇪, 🇬🇧, 🇨🇭, 🇩🇪 and 🇺🇸.
Join our Discord to find out how to sign up and begin scanning!

We scan over 46 million Pokémon, 360k quests, and 17k hundos a day with 99.9% uptime.

Frequently asked questions


What do we do? ⁉️
We have several automated Android devices playing Pokémon Go. They check each Pokémon they see and send this information to a server. This means we can see what Pokémon it is, and more importantly what IVs it has.
I want to learn! 🤓
You can find our lovingly crafted guide here.
Can we see other things? 👀
Yes! The scanners also check Pokéstops so you can see things like what quest they give or which Rocket grunt they have. They also see gyms, so we can see what is the current raid boss or if the gym has free slots for you to put in your Pokémon. The list goes on.
Sounds good, what do I do now? 🤔
If your area is scanned then you can get access to all of this info for a small fee which we use to pay for licences and maintenance. If we don't scan your area its not the end of the world. If you find enough players willing to cover the cost we can start scanning near you too!
I want to share all the scanner data with others! 🤫
If a lot of people do this then it puts the users paying to support the servers at a disadvantage and it means we don't get new users which would help expand the scan areas. So please don't do it.
Are there limits to Bidoof? 🥺
There are sensible limitations in place:
-No tracking of all Pokémon.
-A limit of 150 100% Pokémon tracked.
-A limit of 300 Pokémon tracked total.
-There is also a limit of 15 notifications per 15 minutes.
I'd like my town to be scanned! 🎯
If you are serious and have enough interested friends contact dkmur on Discord! If you're the one to organise this you will get 6 free months of scanner access.
Can we track shiny Pokémon? ✨
If you pay for an entire device you can provide a level 30+ account for us to use. Contact your local admin for more info.
Admin?! Admin! 👼🏻
You can find a list of Admins for each region here!
My quests are wrong... 🧩
You didn't read the info page, did you? An explanation can be found here.
International raids? 🌎
You can join an international raid server here! Please change your name in the server to your PoGo name with your friend code.
Pokémon info 📖
We have a bot in the "Pokémon-info" channel which posts info on any Pokémon. Use the !dex command, for example !dex Wooper.
I keep having to sign in ✏️
This is due to your password/cookie settings on your browser or on your mobile device.
Another game to play? 🕹️
Professor Fir is a Pokémon quiz game that can be played in the Professor Fir channel on the server.

Joining Discord

Push the button!

Hello! So you came here to learn? Well done for being proactive! 👏🏻This guide is broken down into sections which should answer most, if not all of your questions.Use the buttons below to go to each topic.

Guide to everything


As new features are added, the documentation will be updated so make sure to check back if you find something new!Don't forget to have a peek at our FAQ as well!If you still need help or want to clarify something don't be afraid to reach out in ❓-scanner-support on Discord.


We use Discord for notifications. It's pretty user friendly and offers a lot of features. If you're new to Discord we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with how it works. Check it out on your PC as it gives a nicer overview.

Once you donated and access has been granted you will be able to enable discord notification channels.

Join our servers 💻
2nd server (Green logo), outside of the Netherlands.
3rd server (Red logo), Netherlands: Gelderland, Limburg, Overijssel.
4th server (Orange logo), Netherlands Noord-Brabant.
5th server (Yellow logo), Netherlands: Zeeland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland.
6th server (Yellow logo), Netherlands: Flevoland, Utrecht.

After joining the servers check the 🔍-scanner-channels channel for the places present on it.
You can enable channels for any town you want to see by command -add townName.
Or remove them again by sending -remove townName in 🔍-scanner-channels on the correct server.

Channels 🗃️Once you started paying and selected your town you will see a few channels. These are:IV 100 100% Pokémon that spawned in your area.PVP rank 1 Pokémon that when evolved (or powered up) will have the best rankings in Great League and Ultra League.5 star raids Notifications for Legendary raids in your area.Community day Great IV Pokémon to catch during the month's community day.

Notifications 🏃🏻Each notification comes with a time remaining, so you know if you can make it!
We can also see what CP the Pokémon has so when you arrive you know for sure which one to catch!
There is also a map and links for the most popular map providers. Pressing them on your phone will open their app and start directing you to the Pokémon!

Look out for the weather 🌦️Keep in mind weather changes! If your Pokémon is weather boosted and the weather changes it will no longer have the same IVs! The same goes for the other way around! Weather updates in the game every hour on the hour so it's best to catch your Pokémon before then!Thankfully we also notify you if there is an expected weather change.

Can I see channels of other towns? 🏡
Yes! You can add yourself to any town we scan here.
How do I disable notifications on a channel? 🤫
There are two ways. You can mute a channel (for a time or until you turn on notifications again) or you can set notifications to "none". Choosing the second option means that you will still see if there are new messages but you will not receive push notifications.

Bidoof web

Using Bidoof Web you can set up personalised notifications. This means the Bidoof Bot will message you privately on Discord when it finds something you are tracking. This is very useful. 👍🏻

Categories 📚Currently there are six categories of things you can track. You can set up notifications for each one.

Location 🧭Inside the settings menu you can set your location. You can always change it later. You can either use your device's location or enter it manually. This is required for distance-based tracking.You should also select your areas. This is required for area-based tracking.

Areas? Distance? 📐Once you set your location and are ready to track you must choose how you want to check distance.Using areas means if a Pokémon or anything else you track is found within the areas you selected earlier, you will get notified.Distance, on the other hand, checks if the spawn is within a radius of your location. Keep in mind this is set per tracking so you can mix and match.You can visualise distance by clicking the blue distance button next to the tracked item.

Tracking a 100% 💯Press the green "Add" button in the Pokémon section. To search for a 100% and only 100% you should set the min and max IVs to a 100. Simple, right?You can search and select which Pokémon you like to track at the bottom of the window.

Tracking a PVP rank 1 🥊So you would like the best Umbreon out there? Go to the PVP section and set the min rank for the league you would like to 1. In this case Umbreon is an evolution of Eevee.You should still track Umbreon but you will be notified of Eevee that once evolved can be powered to a rank 1 Umbreon. If you're not picky you can also track the top 5 or top 10.

Nearby tracking 🔭Nearby tracking allows us to see Pokémon which appear next to Pokéstops (using the Nearby feature in the game). Unfortunately, we can't see IVs or despawn times of these Pokémon.You will not get "Nearby tracking" notifications if you track Pokémon with specific IVs or if you track within a specific area and the spawn is outside of it.If the spawn is in a scanned area, and you didn't specify IVs then you will get two notifications. One for "Nearby" and a second one with IVs and despawn times.

Tracking a rare Pokémon 🕵🏻Want to know when there is a Deino near you? Or an Axew? Unown perhaps? Add them and you're good to go!If you must have these Pokémon no matter what, do not specify IVs and turn on distance tracking to be notified of "Nearby tracking" spawns outside the scan areas.

Why can't I "track all"? 🙅🏻
This is due to technical and sensible limitations. If you need to see all 100% IV spawns, they can be found in the Discord channel of your area.
But I want to! 🥺
You should only track things that would make you get up and go outside. There is no need for you to track every Rattata in a 10km radius. If you get 3000 notifications a day you will never notice the important spawns.
Bidoof can't send me messages? 😨
It's possible that you disabled direct messages from server members on Discord. Turn on this option in the server privacy settings.

Raids 🐉Hunting for a Timburr raid? You can be notified! Switch to the Raids section and press add.You can select either a specific egg, any raid tier or a raid boss that is currently available. This also includes Megas.

Quests 🧩Quests are scanned each day around 2 am and at the start of events. You can track these in the Quest section. It can be anything from a Spinda quest to a quest that rewards stardust. You pick!With the addition of AR scan quests, Niantic now adds two quests to each stop. Our scanners all have an AR task so make sure to have one in your quest list to get the same task as the scanner!

Invasions 👹Team Rocket! You can track any leader or any grunt. Need a Sierra? No problem? Need a grunt with a fighting-type Pokémon? Tracked.

Lures 🍬Since recently we are also able to track lures. If you need a mossy lure for an evolution or simply want to catch extra Pokémon you can get notified!

Nests 🐾Nests can now be tracked. You can choose from a list of currently available nests. These may change over time depending on Niantic updates. Nests are checked at 8pm local time.

Profiles 📖Profiles are a way to customise your tracking experience. As an example, you could have one profile for weekends with more raid notifications and a profile for weekdays with more tame settings so as to not distract you during work/school. Using the buttons you can delete, create, edit and switch profiles.Only one profile can be active at a time.

Cleaning? 🧽You might have noticed that there is a "Clean" toggle when adding notifications. This allows Bidoof to check how long you have to get to a spawn or a raid and it will delete the notification after it's gone. This keeps your chat tidy.You can also toggle this per category by clicking on your profile picture at the top of the Bidoof web page.

The Map

The online map is a great resource for checking a lot of information. You can see all gyms and stops, spawned Pokémon and more in-depth game info such as game cells.Use the map to check for something where you wouldn't want permanent notifications. An example might be gyms with raids during a raid weekend.

The menu ⚙️The menu is your friend. Here you can access filter and display options, change the map's visual style and find a lot of other useful info.It can be opened by clicking the gear icon at the top left of your window.

Pokémon & Nests 🌾Toggling this shows all the spawns on the map. Check out the secondary tab and advanced options for more filters. This way you can select what you'd like to see. You can also set minimum IVs (1-100) and level for spawns to show.Clicking on a Pokémon will show its info and the time until it despawns. 100%IV Pokémon have a red glow.

Pokéstops & Quests 🧩Similarly to spawns, you can filter stops by quest rewards, lures and team rocket invasions. Clicking on a stop will show its current info such as location, in-game image and quest. The map will show if a quest is AR.

Gym & Raid 🐉You can look for gyms with raids, eggs, or simply ones with free slots for your team.

Location & Search 🗺️Throughout various category settings you can enable interaction ranges, submission cells, scan areas, wayfarer, weather info etc. Have a looksie!

Style 🦄There's a variety of visual customisation to work with. Change the map style or which directions provider you prefer!Of course, other customisation options can be found in the previous categories.

Global search 🧙🏻Clicking on the 🔍 icon at the top right of the map opens up a search menu. Here you can search for research, nests, gyms and stops. This will include results from a large radius around your location.